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About Us


NoMergerNow is a coalition of Essex residents seeking to end the perennial votes on a tax shift, which is euphemistically called "Merger".

Unlike a corporate merger -- where entities come together and staff and locations are eliminated to save money -- no personnel will be cut, and talk has already begun about new buildings needed!

Our local political action committee first formed back in 2006 to fight a merger plan that benefited one part of town but not the other.  (History repeats!)


NoMergerNow's website has been recreated in 2021 because another lopsided merger plan threatens to drive wedges between community members, whether or not the merger plan passes in April.     


Not only is there another large tax increase being proposed for half the Town's residents, but also some municipal staff and local officials have misled the public about what's in the plan.

They've shared elements of disinformation and hidden other facts, all the while appearing to present a balanced view of the issue.​ 

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